Southern Bible Institute & College holds high value in its administration, faculty, academics, finances, and the institution as a whole. Accreditation validates that the College is meeting and/or exceeding the standards of quality education. Faithful investments and financial support in Southern Bible provides needed continual access to biblical higher education. We trust that you share this passion and vision of our College, and that God will guide your level of support. We would love nothing more than for you to be a part of this great work.

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'In Honor Of' Scholarship Fund

Southern Bible Institute & College is dedicated to equipping men and women to be competent servant leaders with a Bible-centered worldview. We take pride in providing high-quality biblical higher education to our students, and our ‘In Honor Of’ Scholarship Fund offers a unique opportunity to honor your loved one with the gift of education.

Through the ‘In Honor Of’ Scholarship Fund, SBIC makes it possible to celebrate the life of someone special while creating a lasting educational legacy in their name. In addition to financial support, each scholarship recipient benefitting through your personalized fund will receive a biography of your loved one, allowing them to connect with and appreciate the life behind the generous gift of education they receive. It's a meaningful way to impact future leaders and honor those we hold dear.

What Sets This Scholarship Apart?

The ‘In Honor Of’ Scholarship Fund offers a unique and individualized approach, distinct from traditional scholarships:

  • Benefit Multiple Students: The scholarship has the potential to bless multiple students, amplifying its significance.
  • Provide Enduring Impact: The scholarship can be established in perpetuity, ensuring a lasting impact for generations to come.
  • Set Special Occasion Goals: Create specific goals for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, making it a meaningful way to celebrate.
  • Drive Community Involvement: Encourage others to contribute to the scholarship, expanding its reach and impact.
  • Share Their Story: Each scholarship recipient receives a special biography of your loved one, allowing them to connect with the legacy behind their education.
  • Simplify Direct Online Contributions: A dedicated link is created for direct contributions to the "In Honor of" fund, simplifying the giving process.
  • Schedule Recurring Donations: Option for recurring donations, allowing continuous support for students.

Ready to Get Started?

Establishing an ‘In Honor Of’ Scholarship Fund for your loved one is quite simple. Simply click the link below to submit a brief information form, and our Staff will promptly reach out to guide you through the process.

Let’s make a difference by honoring your loved one’s legacy through the offering of scholarships for Bible-centered education.

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