Strategic Institutional Initiatives and Planning

Located in the southern sector of Dallas—Southern Bible Institute & College finds itself in an expanding, ethnically-diverse community. Within its community, Southern Bible Institute & College shines as a beacon of hope as an authoritative biblical higher education school. The African American community desires students who are trained in bible-centered expository preaching and teaching. Southern Bible Institute & College is poised to grow and fill this proliferate hunger for biblical preaching, teaching, and servant leadership.

SBIC is actively confirming partnerships with individuals, businesses, churches, and professional communities who embrace achieving SBIC’s Vision undergirding these strategic initiatives. Consequently, our mission for equipping men and women to be competent servant leaders with a bible-centered worldview involves eight strategic initiatives prioritized from 2016-2020. SBIC will accomplish this by:

  1. Increasing institutional effectiveness through regular, systematic planning, and assessment to advance the mission of the school.

  2. Improving and expanding curricular offerings to affirm student learning outcomes at all levels as well as placement after graduation.

  3. Growing the student population through active, aggressive, and effective recruitment and retention strategies.

  4. Implementing and sustaining the Vision through top-notch servant leadership development; and expanding the faculty to increase excellence in academic engagement and ministry effectiveness. Additionally, cultivating a professional staff who provide administrative and educational support services that complement the school’s mission and branding statements for servant leadership.

  5. Advancing the technological environment in order to enhance student learning, academic program delivery and methods, and day-to-day operations in all areas of the school.

  6. Exercising optimal stewardship, while providing an excellent learning environment. Initially remodeling current facilities to provide an environmentally sound and safe learning environment in a growing technological age.

  7. Increasing the funding base of SBIC through new relationships with dedicated partners who share the Mission and Vision.

  8. Providing a stabilized educational and fiscal foundation from which to invite smaller like-minded public institutions as well as local church leadership and Christian Education programs to partner with SBIC serving as an influential resource for implementing a similar model and mission.

Student Development Overview

We are committed to providing educational experiences which complement our curriculum and faculty instruction. Freedom of inquiry also applies to student development by providing opportunities for a student to affirm God’s leadership in their life as well as the stewardship of His gifting and abilities at work in and through them.

Student development activities are intended to contribute to a student's personal growth and support institutional level education outcomes for graduated students. This integral component of SBIC’s educational mission through the student development Care Connection structure and support services are explained in SBIC’s Student Development Handbook.

Spiritual life and ministry formation naturally plays an indispensable role, and is facilitated by the dedicated Coordinator which oversees these areas. Regular campus chapel services challenge students (and all members of the campus community) to prioritize their personal spiritual growth and build qualities of Christian character into their personal lives characterizing servant leadership. Through regular ministry experiences under the Servant Leadership Education Development (SLED) course assignments, students are challenged to develop ministry and vocational skills competencies that complement learning in the classroom. SLED requirements are facilitated within each course and the school's expectations and student responsibilities are outlined in each syllabus.

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